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Production line of robots assembling each other

Posted at 8:07pm on 05 Mar 2007

The Next Big Thing

In the last 25 years we have seen a number of key technologies emerge that have revolutionised how we work, play and interact with each other. Could these innovations be part of a grander design? And if so, what's the next piece in the puzzle...?

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Bill Gates as a Borg

Posted at 9:48pm on 29 Jan 2007

Standard Bearers

For most of its history, Microsoft has relied on a mix of secrecy and litigation to protect the workings of its software and file formats. In light of mandates prohibiting the use of proprietary formats for government documents, Microsoft has pledged to change its ways... but has it?

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Amiga logo

Posted at 10:46am on 23 Jan 2007

Viva Amiga

The Amiga, a cherished computing platform from the 80s - 90s era, which was finally killed off by the dominance of the PC market, may be about to undergo a revival with the release of Amiga OS 4. But is a new OS release really the best way to continue the Amiga legacy?

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IE7 logo (crossed out)

Posted at 9:14pm on 09 Nov 2006

Just Say No!

When Microsoft announced that they were finally updating the aged Internet Explorer with a new version, many were initially skeptical. Could this be a glorious turn in the road for the world's worst (and most popular) browser, or would this be just another rushed-out bodge job like IE6 before it...?

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Graphical presentation of some of the Wired entries

Posted at 6:13am on 26 Oct 2006

Six Word Limit? That's Easy, I'll...

Wired recently ran an article in which they challenged some contemporary sci-fi and fantasy authors to produce interesting literary works in a maximum of six words, with some amusing results. I thought it might be fun to join in, so here are my efforts...

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Apple-branded capacitor

Posted at 9:48pm on 23 Oct 2006

A Hard(ware) Act to Follow

Gartner, a prominent industry analyst believes that Apple would be better off if it abandoned the hardware business and concentrated on selling OS X to the established PC user base. Is this really the way forward for Apple? And if not, why do people keep thinking they know how to run Apple better than Apple does...?

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Sony Reader device

Posted at 7:02pm on 27 Sep 2006

Read it and Weep

Sony recently unveiled its new e-book reader, imaginatively entitled the Sony Reader. I have to admit that when I saw it my first thought was that this was the coolest thing I'd seen. Sadly, a closer examination reveals a lack of design forethought - a shame because it is clear that the technology has real potential...

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No-www.org logo

Posted at 9:32pm on 14 Sep 2006

So Wwwhat's the Point?

No-www.org have taken a stand against the largely redundant requirement of many websites that you prefix their domain with www. While I applaud their efforts to save us all several characters worth of typing every day, I believe that they have missed out on some more subtle benefits of the www prefix...

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