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Six Word Limit? That's Easy, I'll...

Published at 6:13am on 26 Oct 2006

Wired recently ran an article in which they challenged some contemporary sci-fi and fantasy authors to produce interesting literary works in a maximum of six words, with some amusing results. I thought it might be fun to join in, so here are my efforts...

Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words - "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." - and is said to have called it his best work

In Wired's recent article Very Short Stories they challenged a number of great contemporary sci-fi, fantasy and horror writers to produce short stories in six words, mostly with a sci-fi twist (although there were the odd few obligatory digs at Iraq and the Bush administration).

That sounds easy I thought. Well it turns out that it wasn't, but it was a lot of fun. So without further ado...

  • Apple releases OSXI, Bill found hanged.
  • Java's not efficient, needs native compiler.
  • Job requires internet access. Productivity suffers.
  • Site got Slashdotted. Need new server.
  • Yahoo advertising campaign; "Google eats babies".
  • No money in programming, try sales.
  • WWW not redundant, needs better PR.
  • Microsoft on GNU; "Free software kills".
  • OSX virus discovered. Bill whistles innocently.
  • Snack machine empty. IT workers revolt.
  • Software piracy decriminalised, we were right.
  • Similar to a haiku - but shorter.
  • Mainframe crash diagnosed; Janitor uplugged it.
  • Friends don't let friends do Windows.
  • In Soviet Union, Internet searches YOU!
  • Making websites is hard. Need coffee.
  • Problem exists between keyboard and chair...
  • IE7 released. Firefox users don't care.
  • Click our ads, family to feed.
  • iPod gets cracked (software, not screen).
  • W3C standardises internet. Microsoft ignores them.
  • RIAA arrests teenager. World safe again.
  • Nigerian minister's nephew seeks gullible American...
  • Web not democracy - don't criticise Google...
  • "...yes, but does it run Linux?"
  • Digg this article, good karma results.

and finally, to paraphrase an unkind colleague...

  • Trying to be funny. Not succeeding.

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Very impressed with these. Who would have thought IT could have been such fruitful terrain for Hemingway-esque 6-word stories? I am particularly moved by the one about Linux...seriously, good stuff.


Posted by Zoe Strimpel at 11:19pm on 21 Nov 2006

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