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Summary Product Type Votes Status
Single control for multiple ... Shades Feature Request 0 Already Implemented
Meu Control: Brightness Icon... Shades Feature Request 1 Not a Bug
Activating the Menu item Shades Performance 1 Verified
Menu Corners Shades Feature Request 0 Open
Shades writes messages into ... Shades Performance 3 Fixed
Memorize position on 2nd scr... Shades Incorrect Functionality 0 Verified
Add background dimmer Shades Feature Request 1 Open
Slideshow in iPhoto or Preview Shades Cosmetic 0 Fixed
Shades on MS Windows Shades Feature Request 1 Reviewed
display will not go to or st... Shades Incorrect Functionality 0 Open
1.2b1: on wakeup shade was s... Shades Incorrect Functionality 1 Open
Dimmer slider glow Shades Feature Request 3 Open
Stop/quit Shades-button in m... Shades Feature Request 1 Under Review
wake up light Shades Feature Request 0 Open
Individual settings for each... Shades Feature Request 2 Open
Won't play nice with virtual... Shades Incorrect Functionality 0 Fixed
Shades and Expose Shades Incorrect Functionality 1 Fixed
Problem while using Spaces Shades Incorrect Functionality 6 Fixed
Menu bar icon should be Shades Shades Feature Request 0 Implemented
Switching to night mode Shades Cosmetic 0 Fixed
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