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Summary Product Type Votes Status
separate key-controls for di... Shades Feature Request 0 Open
keycontrol and sliders do no... Shades Incorrect Functionality 0 Open
does not work Shades Crash 1 Open
Renice process Shades Feature Request 0 Open
with full graphics accelerat... Shades Incorrect Functionality 1 Open
Normal white in screen is bl... Shades Feature Request 0 Open
Shades' max brightness is da... Shades Performance 1 Open
Be able to turn it off with ... Shades Feature Request 2 Open
Option: Adjust brightness of... Shades Feature Request 4 Open
Independent hotkeys (brighte... Shades Feature Request 3 Open
Shades activated with the ci... Shades Feature Request 1 Open
Mouse moves faster than slid... Shades Cosmetic 0 Open
Flashing monitors Shades Incorrect Functionality 4 Open
USB display support Shades Feature Request 2 Open
Shades not compatible with F... Shades Crash 4 Open
Error Shades Crash 8 Open
after manual reboot Shades w... Shades Incorrect Functionality 2 Open
add a switch control Shades Feature Request 0 Open
nil pointer exception Shades Crash 8 Open
Shades not working under Mav... Shades Crash 105 Fixed
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