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Summary Product Type Votes Status
New/Added Feature MagiCal Feature Request 2 Open
Switches spaces MagiCal Incorrect Functionality 6 Open
crashes when preference sele... MagiCal Crash 45 Fixed
color behind time and/or date MagiCal Cosmetic 1 Verified
Link with iCal MagiCal Feature Request 0 Already Implemented
calendar "remembers" screen ... MagiCal Feature Request 4 Open
alarm MagiCal Feature Request 1 Under Review
MagiCal name is displayed as... MagiCal Cosmetic 0 Fixed
Unable to access preferences... MagiCal Performance 1 Fixed
Click on calendar ignored, c... MagiCal Incorrect Functionality 2 Open
menubar order. MagiCal Incorrect Functionality 2 Not a Bug
date first, then time, please! MagiCal Incorrect Functionality 0 Closed
today's apts/events MagiCal Feature Request 0 Open
Black bars below time/date i... MagiCal Cosmetic 1 Open
Make tear off calendar float... MagiCal Feature Request 5 Open
Crash Dialog MagiCal Crash 1 Open
Severe complaints in the con... MagiCal Cosmetic 1 Open
Choosing own localization MagiCal Feature Request 0 Open
CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLD... MagiCal Incorrect Functionality 18 Verified
Calendar disappeared MagiCal Incorrect Functionality 4 Fixed
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