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Magic Cal and spaces

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I'm not quite sure if this has always worked this way, but currently if I'm not in space 1, when I click the toolbar button to pop-down the calendar, I get switched over to space 1. Would be great if dropping down the calendar didn't switch spaces. I assume it's obvious that I'm using Leopard (based on this being related to spaces). Also I'm using MagiCal 1.1a11 (Sorry I'm reporting that 1.1 in the request). 1.1a11 was (and still is) recommended on your website for folks using leopard.

Submitted by Bindu Wavell at 03:49am on 07 Jan 2008


This is a tricky problem, I'll look into it.

Posted by Nick at 12:26pm on 15 Jan 2008

I'm also getting this issue with version 1.1r1.

Posted at 02:23am on 05 Apr 2008

This would be awesome!

Posted by max at 01:45am on 14 Apr 2008

I just came to look at this issue - I just noticed when clicking it it changes to my 2nd space. I tried adding it as an program that stays in all windows but that didn't help.

Posted by zathras at 6:14pm on 07 May 2008

It seems that magical "remembers" the space number where you launch it the first time. Any activation after that will always make it switch to that space again.

Posted by gobo at 11:13am on 11 Jul 2008

Is there any plan to implement this soon? Magical is by far the best way of looking at a quick calendar I've found on a Mac, but it's a pain when I want to see the calendar while working with an app on desktop 3 and it switches me back to 1.

Posted by Jason at 8:08pm on 25 Sep 2008

This problem reminds me of a similar problem in Office 2008 for Mac. The problem with that program has something to due with the way the interface is programed in carbon rather then cocoa. I do not know enough about programing to say anything more then that.

Posted by Ryan at 03:39am on 19 Jan 2009

If you are using Leopard or Snow Leopard, you can add the application to System Preference > Expose & Spaces > Application Assignments box, assigning MagiCal to "Every Space". This is a workaround to the core issue, but makes this much more usable.

Posted by Adam at 7:41pm on 14 Oct 2009

Yep, spaces will stick to Magical on the space were it was opened, quite annoying. Magical should be or on every space or such as floating or something.

Posted by Robert at 3:44pm on 20 Nov 2009

This is _really_ annoying, please fix!

Posted by Quincey at 7:10pm on 04 Jan 2010

I changed my System Preferences > Expose & Spaces > Application Assignments to set MagiCal to open in every space but the problem still persists. Adam, did it really work for you when you tried it? I'm not having any luck.

Posted by Mike B at 07:09am on 04 Feb 2010

Update: I was able to get MagiCal to stay within my current Space (instead of defaulting to Space 1) by:
1. Setting it up in System Prefs > Expose & Spaces > Application Assignments to appear in "Every Space" (as mentioned by Adam). However, simply doing this didn't work...
3. I then had to quit MagiCal and re-open the app. (I did so from within Space 2.) Currently, MagiCal is opening in whichever Space I happen to be in without moving back to the Space from which I initially launched it.

Posted by Mike B at 07:20am on 04 Feb 2010

The fix suggested by Mike B works for me.

Posted by Alan at 5:02pm on 02 Aug 2010


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