Shades Bug Report

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UNACCEPTABLE memory + cpu

  • Type: Other
  • Version Tested: 1.2b1 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
  • Status: Not Reproducible


Shades takes _constantly_ 4% of CPU and 24 MB of real memory, just to be able do set dim percentage!!!
This is nothing to do with performance, this is just crap software.
What the hell is it doing to take that load of power?

Leopard 10.5.1 , Shades 1.2b1

Submitted at 5:29pm on 02 Dec 2007


Thanks for looking into that for me. I was worried that I was going to have to check to see if the extra CPU cycles were being used up by the mechanism that polls for display attach/detach events, or the hotkey manager, or even the system that periodically checks for software updates, but now that your extensive research has revealed the issue to be "crap software" I don't have to bother. Great!

Posted by Nick at 1:27pm on 03 Dec 2007

rotflmao !

I can confirm that shades uses 0.0x % CPU on my macbook pro 17" + external 30" monitor and 37 small MB of software.

I can also confirm that this is not crap software at all, and is a great life + eyes saver !

Would have trown out (well... resold with loss) that 30incher without this superbe software :)

It's really worth a nice donation !

Posted by Beat at 08:09am on 06 Dec 2007

I concur. I can't reproduce this issue on any machine I've tested.

I'll mark this as "not reproducible" for now. If anyone else does find that Shades is using an appreciable amount of processor time when idle, please add your details below.

Posted by Nick at 8:35pm on 06 Dec 2007

Here's how you can make Shades use too much CPU and memory:

Click on the menu bar icon, but don't operate the slider. Move the mouse pointer off the icon, and the slider disappears. Move the mouse back over the icon - don't click - and the slider reappears. In this state the slider can be hidden, but it's still receiving mouse events (according to an Activity Monitor sample), and it's eating CPU and RAM while it does so. With the slider properly hidden (need to click on the icon for it to display) processor usage is minimal.

Incidentally, even with the slider properly hidden, memory usage seems excessive: 30MB real and 450MB (!) virtual memory, for a single menu bar widget?

Posted at 9:15pm on 27 Jan 2008

For me (MacBook Pro 17" early 2008 - 2.6 GHz - 4 Gb RAM - external 30" display), Shades uses 0.1 % proc., 40.85 Mb of real memory and 974.43 Mb of virtual memory.

For info, here is a sample taken from Activity Monitor:

Sampling process 48800 for 3 seconds with 1 millisecond of run time between samples
Sampling completed, processing symbols...
Analysis of sampling Shades (pid 48800) every 1 millisecond
Call graph:
2361 Thread_2503
2361 start
2361 _start
2361 % main
2361 _Main
2361 REALbasic._RuntimeRun
2361 RuntimeRun
2361 mainloop()
2361 CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling(void (*)())
2361 IsAppShuttingDown()
2361 UpdateMouseCursor()
2359 EventPump(unsigned char)
2359 SetFocusPane(SubPane*)
2359 ReceiveNextEvent
2359 ReceiveNextEventCommon
2359 RunCurrentEventLoopInMode
2359 CFRunLoopRunInMode
2359 CFRunLoopRunSpecific
2359 mach_msg
2359 mach_msg_trap
2359 mach_msg_trap
2 RunFireTimers()
2 DisplayUpdateTimer.Event_Action%%o
2 DisplayManager.update%%o
1 Display.restoreSettings%%o
1 CGDisplayMBS.SetDisplayTransferByTable%i4%oi4ooo
1 CGSetDisplayTransferByTable
1 CGSSetDisplayTransferByTableWithOption
1 CGSGetSizeOfDisplayTransfer
1 _CGSGetSizeOfDisplayTransfer
1 mach_msg
1 mach_msg_trap
1 mach_msg_trap
1 RuntimeBackgroundTask
1 CheckCommandStop()
1 CheckEventQueueForUserCancel
1 PullEventsFromWindowServer
1 PullEventsFromWindowServerOnConnection(unsigned int, unsigned char)
1 CGEventCreateNextEvent
1 CGSGetNextEventRecordInternal
1 snarfEvents
1 snarfEvents

Total number in stack (recursive counted multiple, when >=5):

Sort by top of stack, same collapsed (when >= 5):
mach_msg_trap 2360
Sample analysis of process 48800 written to file /dev/stdout

Posted by Gabriel ROUSSEAU at 2:50pm on 16 May 2008

Activity Monitor shows Shades using 28 MB real memory. This is incredible resource consumption for a background app with little to no UI. My own shareware with 2 windows open and user data tops out at 9 MB.

Posted by Brian at 12:15am on 24 Jul 2010


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