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bad monitor profile with current version of shades

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I cannot get an accurate monitor calibration on my imac with shades turned on. When off, it calibrates perfectly. Xrite support says that I need to request earlier version of Shades
but doesn't specify which one:

Is it the 1.1.x mentioned in an earlier report? Can I please get the earlier version needed. I would be happy to make a donation.

Thanks so much.

Submitted by amy at 07:35am on 24 May 2008


You can download the earlier version from here:


You can download the earlier version from here:

Posted by Nick at 8:19pm on 24 May 2008

how do i remove the previous version?

Posted at 10:23pm on 18 Sep 2008

You can download Shades 1.2.x by following the instructions on the FAQ page:

To un-install version 1.1.x, click on the Shades slider or icon then press Command-Q. Now drag the Shades application into the trash.

Posted by Nick at 12:16am on 19 Sep 2008

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