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start and stop button beneath the slider in de menu

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When switching monitors (i have a laptop which i use in different locations with different monitors) shades sometimes sets the incorrect brightness. I then have to restart shades to solve the problem. Having a start/stop button in de menu qould make this proses a lot easier.

Submitted by start and stop from menu at 1:07pm on 09 May 2008


I agree. I often notice it incorrectly "over" shades (it's doubled it seems) after resuming from standby... Then it's annoying to open the preferences just to enable / disable, I propose to permanently leave the icon in the top menu but switch it to a clear glasses icon (not shaded) when off... That's bonus anyway, it should at least stay up there with a on / off toggle directly above the slider. Add a "preferences..." shortcut while at it please ;-)

Posted by Bernie at 2:59pm on 23 Feb 2016


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