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Preference to keep window visible

  • Status: Open


It would be useful to provide a preference that would allow the window to remain visible when focus shifts to another application.

Use case: I need to enter Red Green and Blue values separately, not in a single paste.

Submitted by Ted Bedwell at 6:50pm on 06 Jun 2007


Please add this. I love this program, but it is kind of useless to have it disappear on me :( I switch back and forth to photoshop and an editor. I could almost make an argument for an 'always on top' float, but honestly just having it visible as an option would turn this program from a 'nice idea with fatal flaw' to 'great little app'. Thanks!

Posted by earth at 07:33am on 11 Mar 2008

Afloat *could* help here, but unfortunately Pipette doesn't have Windows menu required for this to work :(

Posted by kl at 5:49pm on 30 Apr 2008


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