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Shades with Exposé AND Spaces activated

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Thank you for making Shades, it's a real eye-saver for me.

One thing still bothers me though: when I activate Exposé then simultaneously activate the Spaces birdview, the Space where Shades was launched for the 1st time now displays an additional "empty window".

For instance:
- Space 1: two Finder Windows are displayed
- I activate Exposé: I see the overview of 2 Finder windows -- all is good
- I activate the Spaces birdview: I see the overview of 4 Spaces with different windows in Exposé mode in each of them. HOWEVER the Space 1 with the two Finder windows now displays a 3rd huge empty space between them.

Is there any way to get rid of this empty space, i.e. have the same behavior as Exposé alone, but in Spaces+Exposé mode ?

In case of a needed screenshot, I can provide one.

Thank you.

Mr. M

Submitted by Mr. M at 04:17am on 01 Oct 2009


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