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Allow us to disable the emergency brightness restore hot key

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While we can choose to disable the 4 hot keys in the upper part of the Hot Keys tab, there is is no facility to do so for the lower one.

At the moment, if I accidentally press the emergency hot keys, not only am I dazzled by the extra brightness, but I have to stop what I'm doing to change the brightness back to a more acceptable level.

Given that I've set my minimum brightness to 50%, and so can never completely lose the ability to see the display, I don't see why I should be unable to disable the emergency hot key as well.

If the reason for the emergency hot key is to stop people from turning their brightness so low they cannot see to get it back, then how about a compromise: If the min brightness is less than 10%, always enable the emergency keypress, otherwise allow the user to choose.

I really like Shades - it's infinitely better than "Dimmer than Dim", and this is the only issue I've found which I'd like to change - everything else is great!

Submitted by Dan Nye at 11:59pm on 09 Aug 2011


It would be really cool if we could have a timeout feature for the slider control. For instance, when we reduce the brightness, the slider control shows up and a few seconds after we are done it vanishes. This is quite similar to what apple does.

Posted by Siddharth at 8:43pm on 26 Jan 2014


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