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Calendar under menu bar

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.1a6 (Universal)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 Intel
  • Status: Closed


As of 1.1a5 (but also in 1.1a6), I can no longer access the MagiCal calendar drop-down. When I click on the date/time display in the menu bar, the calendar seems to appear with its bottom edge positioned at the bottom edge of the menu bar, so that all that's visible is the calendar's drop-shadow.

Worse yet, since the only way to access MagiCal's preferences or to exit the program is via the calendar, I am now unable to shut down the program or prevent it from starting up when I log in to Mac OS X. This will prevent me from upgrading to future versions, unless you can give me instructions on some other way to kill the app.

The only potential cause I can think of for the odd calendar window positioning would be that I had the F11 "show desktop" mode engaged when I installed and started up MagiCal 1.1a5 for the first time. Could that have fouled up some calculation/setting of the calendar window's position? In any case, the window remains incorrectly positioned now, after several system restarts, whether I have the F11 "show desktop" feature engaged or not.

Submitted by Kevin Yank at 02:50am on 02 May 2007


You can quit MagiCal at any time by clicking the icon and using the command-Q keyboard shortcut. You can also quit it by launching Activity Monitor and searching for magical.

I'll look into why this behaviour might have changed, but in the meantime if you trash your preferences file (user/library/preferences/com.charcoaldesign.magical.plist) then relaunch MagiCal, it should default to using the legacy calendar, which doesn't suffer from this problem.

Posted by Nick at 07:37am on 02 May 2007

Thanks! Blowing away my prefs has got me back in business.

Posted by Kevin Yank at 08:03am on 02 May 2007

Still occurs for me in 1.1a8.

Posted by Kevin Yank at 2:30pm on 04 May 2007

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