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enable/disable "shade at startup" option

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When I startup my computer, Shades is running (as it should), but it immediately
starts "shading". At daytime, this is not desirable, and I constantly find myself
using the hotkey to get back to regular display.
Could you please include an option in the prefpane that enables/disables "shade at startup"?
Just to be clear, i'd like shades to be running at startup, but without shading immediately. So all I have to do is press Alt-Space to get it to shade when thats necessary.

Thanks for the great software! It really is an eye saver!

Submitted at 06:51am on 28 Nov 2008


Yes, it's exactely what I want too.
When I start my computer, it's not the evening so I haven't need less brightness, but I need to see the icon in the menubar to reduce brightness when it'll be the evening !
Thanks a lot for this good software.

Posted by Julien at 12:43am on 17 Dec 2008

Me too. When Shades gets loaded at startup it dims my iMac screens to full DARK.

Posted at 6:51pm on 19 Dec 2008

yea, same here. I'm thinking development on this is over... But I'm sure this is one or two lines of code max.

Posted by blake at 01:03am on 23 May 2009

Exactly what I'd like too - Shades to autostart its engine on login but an option for the start to be with shade enabled or disabled.
that way i don't keep having to disable shades every time i login during the day

Posted by stephen at 1:55pm on 10 Sep 2011

errrr... i see the initial request was in 2008 - with no dev update since.

is this issue still being considered? surely can't be that tricky to implement?

Posted by stephen at 1:57pm on 10 Sep 2011


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