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Remember disable state at login

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Shades is always running on my computer, but nearly all the time disabled : I only use it at morning, when I wake up early and work in the night, not to wake up my girlfriend and destroy my eyes... The problem I have is that when I log out/log in or restart, Shades doesn't remember it was disabled, and at each login I find myself surprised by how my screen brightness is low even after I've pressed the brightness control a couple of time... until I remember that Shades is no more disabled.

Shortlyà: please, make Shades remember disable state over restart.

And thank you for this software.

Submitted at 5:59pm on 19 Mar 2008


I have this same problem (still running 10.4.11), except it's a little worse. for me it doesn't just forget it's state, it ALWAYS spawns a background process and a menu control on reboot. if I leave shades enabled before I reboot, I get two sunglasses menus and I have to go into the control panel and stop everything before it'll work right.

Posted by matt at 4:26pm on 21 Sep 2009

forgot to mention I'm using 1.2b2

Posted by matt at 4:29pm on 21 Sep 2009

Yes, autostarting enabled means that every morning i have to disbale shades manually.
Please add a toggle option to autostart Shades enabled or disabled. that would be great.

Posted at 1:51pm on 10 Sep 2011


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