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Shades is one of my favorites applications, but the really bad point is that i am taking daily a lot of screenshots.

Shades is darking the screenshots, so i have always to turn shades off before screenshoting and reenabling it after shooting...

do you have an idea to make that job easier ?

the main idea would be to bypass shades from a apple-shift keystroke until the next mouse release

another idea would be to have an hotkey to turn the darkness on/off

do you have other suggestions ?

Submitted by Hg at 04:21am on 26 Jun 2007


The Command+Shift+4 shortkey plus Spacebar doesn\'t work properly when Shades is running.

Posted at 5:47pm on 31 Jul 2007

Yes, this is due to the shades layer being treated as a window. It is strongly recommended that you hide shades (command-h after clicking the menu or dock icon) or set it to 100% brightness before taking a screenshot, otherwise the screenshot will itself be dimmed also.

This is obviosuly an inconvenience, and I hope to address it in a future release.

Posted by Nick at 07:30am on 01 Aug 2007


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