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Tear off Calendar - Return to Today button & comments on Year Picker

  • Status: Partially Implemented in version 1.1a1


In the tear-off calendars, it would be convinient ot have a button that would reset the calendar to today's date.

In the tear off calendar, when picking a year different than the current, it wold be useful if the year selected would be the currrent year. That way, sliding up in the list would go back in time, sliding down would go to future years.

A direct year text box would also be useful for jumping long distances in time. or when the pick list pops up, typing the year would move to that year in auto filter style.

A copy current calendar (menu bar or tear-off) to clipboard feature would also be useful.

Submitted by Rob at 9:55pm on 06 Apr 2007


Most of these requests should be covered by the enhancements in the upcoming 1.1 release.

I'm not certain what the copy to clipboard function would do though - what format should the calendar be copied in, and how would you use it (what would you be pasting it into)?

Posted by Nick at 11:11pm on 07 Apr 2007

In the 1.1 alpha release it is now possible to reset a torn off calendar by right-clicking the calendar and selecting "reload".

Also, the year/month pop-up lists have now been replaced by a quick-jump drop-down text field.

Posted by Nick at 11:23pm on 20 Apr 2007


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