Shades Feature Request

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Making it so Apple keyboard brightness keys operate Shades program.

  • Status: Open


Hello. It would be so so nice to have the shades program have a feature to make it so you could use the brightness keys on apple keyboards to control the brightness of the shades program brightness settings.

This shades program is really nice for people like myself who use an external monitor with an apple desktop like a mac mini or a mac pro. Because if you don't have an apple monitor hooked up to a mac pro or a mac mini, then you can't control the brightness.

It would be so nice to add the feature of adjusting the brightness with the brightness keys on the keyboard instead of going through the brightness settings on my monitor.

Thank you so much for your consideration. I sincerely hope that this is made into a feature because it would help all those who use non-apple monitors with their mac desktops.

Submitted at 06:05am on 23 Jan 2014


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