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temperature via XMPP texting PEP mood

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XMPP texting is much more useful than growl diversion for non iOS devices.

Shades needs a feature to tune color temperature to XMPP texting PEP mood (or PubSub). Rough day? Tune display to a kinder warmer color even before sunset is upon you. Not so amped downer mood PEP crank up the blue intensity. Constrain color response to a particular JID resource or highest priority.

PEP, Personal Eventing Protocol, like presence requires an authorized subscription. You might not want simply anyone seeming/tracking your mood, but you could certainly operate F*book exhibitionism style.

XMPP texting entirely displaces outdated sms texting: actually zero cost (no ads, no proprietary app or platform), instant, 1 to 1 or 1 to many, easily secured (OTR). With Microsoft Lync you likely already use the technology implicitly. Liberate yourself from single device bondage and monthly gouge fees.

You'll have more money to support awesome projects by purchase or donation.

RFC 7081

Submitted by tsu pear at 10:13am on 07 May 2014


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