MagiCal Bug Report

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Unable to access preferences panel

  • Type: Performance
  • Version Tested: 1.1 (PPC)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.5 PPC
  • Status: Fixed in version 1.1r1


I downloaded Version 1.1a11 for my 10.5.2 OS as advised by your web page. Love the functionality of this little program! However, after resetting preferences, the drop down calendar would not appear, thus unable to access menu to reset or quit program. Unable to un-install program because it is still open!
Suggest a modification of program to access the drop down menu when of the date/time/calendar icons are clicked, & then add the tear-off calendar as a menu item. This way we would have access to the menu at all times, not just when a t/o calendar is on the screen! I now have an open & running program on my computer, with no way of shutting it down! Any help would be appreciated!
P.S. Donation to follow, if we can get this old version off my machine & a new one up & running!!!

Submitted by Russ Black at 3:17pm on 30 Mar 2008


Agree- Preferences a problem - click on \'i\' and loose image icon; have to go an click in downloads to bring it back. 10.5.2 OS apple on an AirBook. just down loaded version today am unable to state version # - can not get to it before it is gone. Also love the functionality of this little program.

Posted by Harry at 4:18pm on 30 Mar 2008

If you launch Activity Monitor (look in Applications/Utilities) then it will let you quit MagiCal.

I suggest selecting the "use legacy calendar" option in the preferences if you have trouble with the calendar failing to appear sometimes.

Posted by Nick at 5:04pm on 30 Mar 2008

I can not even select preferences it just goes away then back to Downloads to bring it back. just to have it up there is enough for me with Sun/30 showing. I am easy to pleased. Used a beta copy on my old Powerbook and it worked fine.

Air was checked by Apple employee yesterday and today I downloaded MagiCal.

Great little product.. Harry

Posted by Harry at 5:52pm on 30 Mar 2008

In that case Harry it sounds like you have a different issue from Russ. You need to download the earlier version (1.1a11), which you can get from the download page:

Posted by Nick at 6:05pm on 30 Mar 2008

An update on my bug report of 30 March at 3PM. After shutting down my computer, the Magical prog did quit, & not restart when computer turned back on. I then reloaded program from download, & it is now working fine.Still think the menu should appear when you click on the time or date, not when the calendar is displayed! Thks for the feedback.

Posted by Russ Black at 3:52pm on 01 Apr 2008

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