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Julian calendar for Modis satellite views

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The following URL
gives me a satellite image of my part of the world, 2 images per day. The day to which the image refers is given in the format yyyyddd, in which "ddd" is from the Julian calendar. In the case above, the image is from the 150th day of the year. Every time one want an image the "ddd" must be changed on the URL.
I can access a Julian calendar, of course, but not nearly as fast as if it were on a pull-down menu. A Julian calendar could figure as a SECOND calendar below the standard one, on the same window.
You can select a "subset" of the "Modis Rapid Response" Terra and Acqua satellite views for your area via URL at NASA:
Please let me know if this is likely to be implemented.
MagiCal is a wonderful project. Useful. I am looking for total satisfaction, of course, and recognize the need to reward good work with a donation. I look forward to further development. Thank you.
P Abrunhosa
Cape Town - South Africa

Submitted by Pedro Abrunhosa at 1:03pm on 27 Jun 2008


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