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multiple user environment problem

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.2b1 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 Intel
  • Status: Verified


I installed Shades in a multiple user environment (Fast User Switching) and found that if I darker my screen in one of them, then I can not restore the brightness in another one. So in case one of the users sets the brightness too low, another user can't set it brighter.

2nd problem: you ask me for the Version number of the program I use, how should I know? Its not on the download page, its not in the filename (, neither if unpacked (Shades Preferences.prefPane), and also once installed it does not appear ANYWHERE in the System Prefs. The only way to find out what version I am using is checking in your release notes?

Submitted at 08:07am on 24 Nov 2007


Ah, I didn't test what would happen with multiple users. I'll see what can be done About that.

The version number appears prominently on the System Preferences panel when Shades is running. I will try to find a way to make this more obvious though.

Posted by Nick at 10:54am on 24 Nov 2007

Thanks for your answer!
Ah, but anyway: thanks for writing the program, once it works I\'ll definitely love it :)

Posted at 2:45pm on 24 Nov 2007

I experience the same behavior. Additionally, wgen using fast user switiching, the brightness first seems to go back to 100% after which it dims again. Indeed when switching users that have the brightness dimmed, the intensity becomes lower and lower when you keep on switching/

Posted by Herman at 10:01pm on 13 Dec 2007

I experience the same thimg. The version of the program is 1.2b2
If you switch directly to other user it seems to apply the shades settings over the shades settings of the living user; adding more shadeness.
Simple walkaround: Select \\\"Login Window...\\\" from Fast User Switching menu instead of the user name. The login windows restablish the computer brigthness and when you are logged in to the new user shades apply the shadeness well.

Sorry for my english.

Posted by maxintech at 4:46pm on 16 Jan 2008

I also have the same problem on version 1.2b2; the screen keeps getting darler and darker at every fast user switch. The workaround from maxintech works ok, but the user switch seems to get slower and slower at each switch.
Great software anyway, but when I share my mac with my girlfriend it becomes a little annoying :-)
I use Mac Os 10.5.2

Posted by Riccardo at 8:50pm on 01 Mar 2008

+1 on the fast user switching making it progressively darker.

Any fix?

Posted by Matt at 06:24am on 11 Jun 2008

Argh, when is this bug going to be fixed? It makes this utility severely hampered in a multi-user environment. Everyone on our machine has to continually log out of their sessions, losing all their open app states.

I will gladly donate money to the author when this bug is finally fixed.

Posted by Eric Wainwright at 6:05pm on 07 Nov 2008

this really anoying problem is really anoying and for me the most important bug to be fixed ! thank you for making this fabulous program.

Posted by josh at 06:56am on 27 Nov 2008

Bump. Please fix this. Shades is excellent software, this is the one thing that is really annoying to deal with. The only real solution is when you log back in to your account (we have accounts in the house for Mom, Dad, & Kids) you have to stop and restart Shades to get your brightness setting correct.

p.s. - I left my email, if you don't have time to fix it I'd be happy to fix it for you (I'm a Mac developer too ;-)

Posted by Brian at 06:03am on 29 Sep 2009

I've been facing a related problem since i started using shades a couple of versions ago. In my case, its the same problem as described above, but its not for multiple users, but multiple monitors used at different times. i am posting the issue here because i think it must be related.

I have a dell monitor at work, and an identical dell monitor at home. When I use the external dell monitor at work, i have shades darken the monitor a bit. When leaving work, i unplug the monitor and put the macbook to sleep. When i get home and plug in my other dell monitor, shades makes it too dark. Even when i set the shades level to off (the least darkness), the monitor is still darkened. i have to stop shades and restart it to get the brightness of the home monitor back to original levels.

Essentially, when i plug an external monitor in, i would like shades to kill any prior shading that is already in effect. This is my only quibble with what is otherwise a fantastic utility from the folks at Charcoal Design.

Posted by Soumya Ray at 4:08pm on 01 Oct 2009

I bid adieu to Shades. People have been asking for this fix for over year now without success. As a result, I've switched over to DarkAdapted. It works great and handles multi-user environments with aplomb.

Posted by Eric Wainwright at 03:28am on 18 Nov 2009

first user switching...

ver is 1.2b3

additionally, when I want to send a new bug report via this HP,it says,
"The version of Shades you are using is not the latest. Please download the latest version before filing a report, in case your bug has already been fixed. "

If this problem wiii not be solved, I will switch to another software.

Posted at 1:04pm on 27 Sep 2010


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