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Renice process

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A Renice (priority change) is needed for Mac OSX 10.7.5 and other OSX.

When entering folder and file names the screen will glitch and suddenly erase your entry so you have to do it a second time. You can't imagine how irritating this is!

I never figured out exactly the best process to Renice but I got a good improvement. Really what is needed is to have a Renice that adjusts multiple process priorities that are known to help certain problems like Finder operation. But any Renice would still help! Just doing the finder itself is not enough. The program/process that renames files also must be raised in priority.

There is no competition out there now maintaining anything like this. The one I found worked for a while but had such poor process knowledge that you could hardly tell what to Renice to fix a problem. I did get a great improvement though with the few I found.

THANK YOU FOR Shades. The mac's screen is not correctly color-&-brightness adjustable as the graphics industry will tell you. And your program Shades has made the MAC usable for my long hours of use by lowering to brightness to something that I can handle without less eye strain.

Submitted by Tom in Tennessee USA at 11:47am on 14 Oct 2014


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