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Religious calendars.

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It would be great if MagiCal supported religious calendar formats such as Baha'i, Islamic, Buddhist, etc. This is an area where Apple has left people out in the cold vis a vis iCal.

Submitted at 2:17pm on 22 Apr 2007


Is there a good resource where I can look up about these different calendar formats?

I'm afraid I'm completely ignorant in this area, but I would certainly be willing to investigate it as a possible feature.

Posted by Nick at 10:45pm on 03 May 2007

These calendars are handled as part of the toolbox. If you want a demonstration, go into the International preference pane, Formats tab, and you find there a Calendar pop-up menu. I've experimented a little with setting the calendar to Hebrew. It works to some degree, but many programs, even Apple's, don't know how to handle it. Make your program the first to handle any system calendar system.

Posted by Aaron Solomon Adelman at 7:22pm on 04 May 2007


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