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Swap time and date

  • Status: Implemented in version 1.1a1


Could you please make it so that I can switch the date and time around in MagiCal? I was previously using the "hack" in the International pane, and MagiCal seems perfect for what I want, except I like the time before the date.

Submitted by Richard at 11:47am on 28 Mar 2007


I'll add this option in the next major release, but in the mean time, you can get this effect by displaying the time using the system clock, and using MagiCal for the date.

Posted by Nick at 1:21pm on 01 Apr 2007

This can now be achieved in version 1.1a1 by command-dragging the menu items into the desired position.

Posted by Nick at 11:26pm on 20 Apr 2007

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