Shades Bug Report

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Shades causes BLACK screen on wake from Sleep w/ NO way to enter logon

  • Type: Crash
  • Version Tested: 1.2b2 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
  • Status: Open


When I wake up my MacBook Pro to Sleep by hitting a key on the keyboard, the computer wakes up but the screen is TOTALLY black except for the Shades slider control. Unfortunately, there is no way to enter my Password for my logon do I have to COMPLETELY power off my MBP and then restart to simple Wake from Sleep. OUCH! 8-(

Submitted by BrokerDon at 04:40am on 13 Dec 2008


I have had the same problem. I have tried uninstalling the program but that still doesn't work and now if in restart the program, it go black. Anyone know how to fix this?

Posted by imac user at 03:52am on 25 Jul 2009

BrokerDon - it may be that your preferences are corrupt - try deleting the file:


imac user - you may well not have fully uninstalled Shades. I assume you've removed the preference pane, but if Shades was still running when you did it then the Shades daemon may still be set to launch at startup. Go to System Preferences > Account and click the Login Items tab and make sure Shades doesn't appear in the list (remove it if it does).

If You've deleted the preferences and/or fully removed Shades and you're still getting a black screen then I suspect your problem is unrelated to Shades and you may need to reinstall Mac OS.

Posted by Nick at 09:14am on 25 Jul 2009

Thanks for the response... ableit 8 MONTHS later!

Hopefully you\'ve been busy fixing this bug and enhancing Shades... Great program!

Posted by BrokerDon at 2:59pm on 25 Jul 2009


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