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Reliable way to Tweak Tint

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I am using Shades along with the HP APS profiling package Software and Apples Display System Prefs controls to tame my wildly bright iMac 24" LCD. I can do a reasonably good job compared to the iMac 20 sitting right next to it, but the 24" screen picks up a slightly greenish cast I'd like to be able to reliably control. If I put a control image "test pattern" on each as a "color checker" I'd like more control than simply playing with the Shades Tint. I imagine someone could create something for the Apple Color Picker that would allow for more precision, but I am unaware of a product such as this. Are you?

Thanks, and so long for now, TOM

Submitted by Tom Bulat at 10:38pm on 19 Aug 2008


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