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Choosing own localization

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I know there are multiple localizations available with MagiCal that are used according to the system language, but I would like to choose my own localization.

My OS X uses English Canadian as the system default language, but I have set my date and time to use French Canadian. OS X does show the date and time correctly with weekday and month in French, but MagiCal does not since it uses the system language as reference to set it's localization.

I'm sure there are quite a few people out there that uses English as there OS default language, but use another language for their regional settings. Allowing the users to set their own localization themselves would be nice. If feasible, make MagiCal uses the language localization according to the system regional settings instead of the system default language, and if the language localization is not available/supported yet, make MagiCal defaults to English. This would already be a good start.


Submitted at 06:26am on 02 Jan 2008


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