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At last a calendar for the Menubar!

A good step forward, but what I would really like s s Calendar/Clock just like your icon for Magical.

I must admit, I was a tad disappointed when I ran MagiCal for the first time, as I was expecting it to be like the Icon, but that is not meant to be detrimental to application as it stands. :-)

For myself, I think the look of the functions as designed in your Icon would make for one really cool application.

I know nothing about computer programming etc., but I guess it might be more tricky to implement the different components as shown in MagiCal's Icon, (such as the Rolodex type of Date and month along with the analogue clock etc.), but I for one would be willing to pay for this kind of Calendar/Clock as it is immediately readable, presenting all the information at once, and it also looks great as well.

I don't know if you could do this, but perhaps a Widget type of application would be nice.

These are of course just observations, and possible ideas for you to ponder over.

The present application is still excellent, so thank you, and well done.

Submitted by Andrew at 11:15pm on 08 Sep 2007


Some interesting ideas, I'll certainly consider them.

Posted by Nick at 8:26pm on 11 Sep 2007


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