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slow dial-up service - check websites consectively

  • Status: Implemented in version 1.2b1


slow dial-up serrvice-check websites consectively.
Any way to force this excellant program to check my list of websites
consectively instead of ALL at once! I am on a slow speed dial-up
server. My previous Win XP program 'Web Monitor' had this feature.
You have 'Sets' -but this only groups several web sites together.


Submitted by mike Little at 3:33pm on 10 Oct 2007


The simplest solution is probably just to have a preference item for "max number of simultaneous connections", which in your case you would set to 1.

Easily implemented, we'll try to add it in the next release.

Posted by David at 7:22pm on 10 Oct 2007

wow-thanks for the reply-hope it can improve your
excellant program. All the best.
I"ll check back for upgrades.

Posted by mike Little at 02:31am on 11 Oct 2007

This feature has been added in the latest release.

Posted by Nick at 10:12pm on 06 Nov 2007

latest additon-does Exactly what I want-working perfectly on Slow speed dial-up;
thanks for tweaking a great program. All the best

Posted by mike little at 12:31pm on 22 Nov 2007

nice guys

Posted by Joff at 07:56am on 20 Nov 2008

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