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When starting, a black rectangle appears in upper right screen corner

  • Type: Cosmetic
  • Version Tested: 1.0.9r4 (PPC)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
  • Status: Closed


For the last several versions of MagiCal, when I have opened the program, there appears in the upper right corner of my screen, a black rectangle (on my screen, about 1.5 inches high by about 3 inches wide). This black rectangle is transparent (you can seen the desktop and icons underneath it), and it floats on top of any windows that I have open. It does not interfere with any programs--it is just there, in the way. The only way I have found to get rid of this is to reboot (alas--the Microsoft solution to life...). Just relaunching the finder does not remove the rectangle. It is the only program that has this problem.

Submitted at 9:34pm on 07 Apr 2007


What happens if you quit MagiCal? Does it still remain?

If it does, could you try disabling MagiCal's launch at login feature, restarting, and then try launching MagiCal manually to confirm that it is the cause of this issue.

MagiCal is not a system extension or haxie, it is an ordinary application - it should not be possible for it to create artefacts on screen that continue to exist when it is not running, unless there is something wrong with your system installation.

Posted by Nick at 11:07pm on 07 Apr 2007

It still remains when I quit MagiCal. I have disabled the launch at login, and then restarted, and then launched it manually, and it still causes the same issue.

I can explain why. I just know that it only happens with MagiCal and it happens when the program is launched, either at startup, or manually, and it doesn't go away until I reboot the computer.

I like the program, but I can't have this black box on my screen, so I will stop using it until there is a fix.

Posted by Steven Szalaj at 11:19pm on 07 Apr 2007

Okay. I'll look into it, but unless I can reproduce it, or work out why it's only happening on your machine and no-one else's, I don't hold out much hope for a fix at this time.

If you could send a screenshot, and any other relevant details (such as other software you may be running that might affect it) as a response to the notification email you will have received, I will try to investigate further. Any details you send to that address will be private and won't appear on the bug tracker.

The next version of MagiCal has been completely re-written from the ground up. It is possible that this issue, whatever it may be, will have been eradicated in the process, so fingers crossed...

Posted by Nick at 01:16am on 08 Apr 2007

Alas, I have the same problem now (black rectangle in upper right corner), and I don't even know what magiCal is ;-)

stefan dot livens at gmail

(i'm running 10.4.10, and applied the combo updtae to see it helped, but no...)

Posted by Stefan at 9:24pm on 23 Jul 2007

Ah, well in that case I think it's safe to assume that MagiCal is off the hook :-)

Posted by Nick at 07:34am on 01 Aug 2007

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