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Stay On Top

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I love this little application/utility, but one thing I could do with when using Pipette is the ability for Pipette to have a "Stay On Top" of other Windows function as an optional feature.

I constantly find that Pipette has been excluded or 'hidden' from view by another window or series of windows overlapping or covering it up completely.

If it was possible to have the ' "Stay On Top" feature/function, I think it would add to the ease and simplicity of this great utility.

If you would consider this as a possibility for the future, that would be excellent.

Many thanks


Submitted by Andrew at 10:22pm on 08 Sep 2007


That's a reasonable suggestion. I'm actually considering various possibilities for how the Pipette interface might be made easier to access when using other applications, so I don't know what the best solution will be right now, but making the window float globally is certainly one possibility.

Posted by Nick at 1:32pm on 21 Sep 2007


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