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New Date Format

  • Status: Already Implemented


I would like a new date format that would who the date as; "Thursday September 18th, 2008" or "Weekday Month Dth, YYYY" as another selection in the drop-down 'date' listbox.

This is the most formal way to show the date.

Dr. Chloë Moíra Smith

Submitted by Dr. Chloe Moira Smith at 8:52pm on 18 Sep 2008


You can type your own date formats into the dropdown, you are not restricted to the examples listed.


Implemented in the 'miscellaneous' tab but not the 'date' tab.

Posted at 01:29am on 19 Sep 2008

It's implemented in both, but there's a glitch under Leopard that sometimes prevents you from typing into the dropdown. Try clicking it and selecting one of the standard options first, then type into it.

Posted by Nick at 02:24am on 19 Sep 2008

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