Shades Bug Report

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NilObjectException Crash

  • Type: Crash
  • Version Tested: 1.2 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.9
  • Status: Open


While attempting to play Sims 3 in fullscreen with "Shades" on, I received a crash notice that stated:

"An exception of class NilObjectsException was not handled. The application must shut down.

Exception Message: image is nil"

Does anyone have a fix for this issue? I'd be incredibly grateful for help.

Submitted by Coz at 05:24am on 13 Dec 2013


Also happens when you connect or deconnect external monitors to a macbook

Posted at 06:10am on 15 Jan 2015

Also happens if I turn on an external monitor connected via HDMi on iMac mid 2010 running mavericks.

Posted at 7:36pm on 16 Jan 2015

Also happens when you connect or deconnect external monitors to an iMac Mid 2010, running yosemite

Posted by maitai at 4:01pm on 05 Mar 2015

Happens quite often when remotely connecting with logmein from a PC to a mac using shades

Posted at 10:50pm on 26 Jun 2015

Also happens when Mac wakes from sleep whilst connected to an external monitor

Posted at 10:25am on 02 Sep 2015

External monitor wake from sleep == crash

Posted at 07:16am on 14 Sep 2015

OSX 10.8.5 application crashes when Mac book Air 2012 comes back from power saving sleep mode.

Posted at 4:06pm on 04 Nov 2015

"External monitor wake from sleep == crash" +1

Posted by Kaloian Toshev at 4:45pm on 09 Dec 2015

Crashes on 2011 iMac running El Capitan when switching display resolutions.

Posted by Cameron at 4:33pm on 10 Dec 2015

Unfortunately happens when you connect or disconnect external monitors to an 2011 MBP running 10.11.2.

Posted by Shane at 6:05pm on 10 Dec 2015


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