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Copy current date/time to clipboard

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I am a recent convert to Mac and one app I really miss is a date/time replacemnt for the Win XP clock.

Your MagiCal just about does everything except have the option of copying the current date/time to the clipboard for easy date/time stamping of EVERYTHING. I used it all day long for emails, Word docs, spreadsheets, etc. The format was easily changed so the time stamp looked exactly the way I wanted it to appear.

Nice idea for a future release....?

The Win XP software I used is found here:

Submitted by Scott Whittaker at 11:01pm on 14 Jun 2007


Many times we use MagiCal to look up a future date for including in an email, document, spreadsheet, iChat, etc. After finding the date desired, a great feature would be to drag and drop that date into the text we're writing. A preference setting would allow for customizing the format of the dropped text.

Thanks for making such a great app,


Posted by Clint at 4:18pm on 24 Jun 2007

It's a good idea - I'll have a think about how best to handle it.

Posted by Nick at 2:48pm on 27 Jun 2007

In my school office, I have to send out notices every week, advising parents of upcoming events. The format we always take is to give the day name and the date combined (e.g. Wednesday 4th July or Wed. 4/07/07). On a number of occasions, I have sent out the wrong combination (e.g. Tuesday 4th July), which leads to widespread confusion. The functionality I would love to see in MagiCal would be if I could select a date in the calendar window, and either have the date automatically inserted into the application I'm working on via a double click, or have the clicking on a date function as a copy command that would allow me to then paste the combination into the relevant document, in a format predetermined by MagiCal's preferences.

Posted by David O'Connell at 7:40pm on 04 Jul 2007


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