MagiCal Bug Report

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  • Type: Performance
  • Version Tested: 1.1r2 (Universal)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.6
  • Status: Open


It's no good. I click on the icon in the tool bar, nothing happens. Huge disappointment.

Submitted by Ed Marek at 4:00pm on 04 Mar 2010


That is surprising since many users are using it and it works correctly for them. There is an annoying glitch on Leopard which makes it fiddly to click the icon - could you try clicking a few times to see if that's the issue you're having?

Is this your first version of MagiCal or have you upgraded from version 1.1r1? Is it possible that it's still the old version that is running and that it wasn't uninstalled properly?

Posted by Nick at 6:09pm on 04 Mar 2010

First, thanks for such a fast response. Cannot get it to work at all. I was upgrading from an older version which had reduced in capability once I loaded snow leopard. I might well have not uninstalled it correctly as I had a devil of time figuring out how to uninstall it as it was running and I could not simply replace it or trash it. I finally worked through the accounts, log-in section to minus it out. Then I could load the new version. When I opted for the Intell processor version, it acted just like the old one, frozen to just one month. So I ditched it the same as I just described. Then I took the universal, and she doesn't work at all. It's a shame, as I need it and you guys are the best I've seen, though I must remark that the Opera browser provides me exactly what I want, a very large day, date and month with anaolog time, but I prefer Firefox to Opera, so now what coach?

Posted by Ed Marek at 6:50pm on 04 Mar 2010

Okay, got her working. The way I got it to work was to start all over from scratch, but not include it as a start up thing in the accounts-login system preference. Once I saw she worked, then I went to your preferences, and saw that I could mark there to startup at log-in. That worked just perfectly, so problem solved. Sorry fot e bother and thanks again for your response.

Posted by Ed Marek at 7:23pm on 04 Mar 2010


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