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Shade ONLY primary monitor

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I am working in a theater and I discovered Shades just yesterday. In our implementation, we have the primary monitor running the projection software (catalyst) and the second 'monitor' is the show projector.

When the show is running, we dim down the ambient light in the booth, and that leaves our monitors blindingly bright. Before I discovered Shades, I would have to change the monitor bright and contrast values and then reset them later. Thank the gods for Shades!

My request is for shades to positively, absolutely definitely NOT affect the secondary monitor (in this case the show projector). While one CAN setup the Pref pane to preclude Shades from changing the secondary monitor, I would be extremely grateful if there was an 'off' option for the second monitor, so that Shades could never affect it at all.

For those reading this that want to preclude shades from dimming the secondary monitor, do this:
-Open the Sys Prefs pane for Shades and click on the tab for the monitor you want to prevent Shades from controlling.
-Using the drop-down menus, set Menu Control AND Slider Control to None.
-Set Min brightness to 100%.

Note that leaving Menu Control on and setting the slider to 100% makes the slider have no 'handle'. There is no way to make an ajustment, when it's set to 100%.

I am paranoid, as I really don't want to screw up a show, so I leave the menu control visible, but set the brightness slider to 100%. That way, if there is a problem, I can quickly go to the menu slider and check to see if the problem is caused by Shades.

This is why I have asked for the new feature.

Thank you, from all Mac-based theatrical computer users everywhere.

Submitted by Robin Grant at 8:20pm on 26 Sep 2008


there is a way to do this simply adjust the slider so it cant go below 100% on the second monitor area in shades (set min brightness to 100%)

Posted by Shane at 07:08am on 25 Oct 2008

Hmm... I can understand paranoia, but I'm not really sure of the point of the feature request - Shades can't set the brightness to below the minimum setting permitted by the slider, unless there's a currently undiscovered bug.

I could add an "off" feature, but that would behave no differently from setting the brightness to 100%, and if there was a bug it would be just as likely to occur with Shades set to "off" as it would with brightness set to 100%. So you'd be in the same position - Shades would think the screen was at full brightness and would give you no means to turn the brightness up, but it would still be dimmed.

This is all hypothetical of course - as far as I know there is no such bug. If something ever does go wrong during a show though, I suggest you do the following - click on the Shades icon in the menu bar and then hold Command and Q on your keyboard to quit Shades - if it's not running then it can't be causing the problem.

Posted by Nick at 09:28am on 25 Oct 2008

Thank you for your consideration. As I stated earlier, Shades is now a vital tool on my show Macs.

We in this industry are notoriously paranoid about anything that may interfere with the perfect operation of our shows. I have been successful so far in keeping Shades doing what I need it to do, by the method I state in my initial post.

I guess what I was asking for was something like a kill switch that would do all that automatically (set menu control and slider control to none, and min bright to 100), and over-ride those controls (lock them out) so that inexperienced operators would not be able to inadvertently change settings for the projector output.

The Alt-Escape combo is fantastic! That is the best thing for us theatrical users. I have used that often, when I have a projection issue. The first thing I do is Alt-Escape to 'deactivate' any Shades influence.

Thank you for this excellent software.

Posted by Robin Grant at 4:16pm on 25 Oct 2008


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