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Display TimeZone info

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Here's an idea for a feature: Display the TimeZone info. For example, something like DD Mon YY TZN would display 06 Aug 07 PST. Other utilities like iClock do this. BTW, you really hit the mark with MagiCal! Thank you!

Submitted by David at 02:48am on 07 Aug 2007


Seems like a reasonable suggestion - I'll try to add it to the next release.

Posted by Nick at 2:57pm on 07 Aug 2007

I looked into this, but it's not entirely obvious how to implement this. For example, in the UK we are typically on GMT, but during the summer the clocks shift by an hour so we are currently on GMT+1 or BST - so what should be displayed in this case?

I expect that there is a standard solution and I'll try to figure out what it is, but in the meantime this unfortunately didn't make it into version 1.1. Sorry.

Posted by Nick at 08:18am on 15 Aug 2007


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