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only create one menu item

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When displaying both the date and time, it would be nice to combine them into a single menu. Thus, when I click the either the date or time, both the date and time would invert and the calendar would appear in the same location.

Submitted by Stephen at 7:29pm on 23 May 2007


This is how the menu works in version 1.0.9r4, however I changed it to allow the user to re-order the menu icons by command-dragging them. The menu can be split between the left and right of the icon bar as well, so combining the menus would cause this functionality to be lost.

I could fake it by having all adjacent menu icons highlight when one is clicked, and positioning the calendar at the rightmost icon, I suppose. I may do this if it doesn't cause any problems for other existing or intended functionality.

Posted by Nick at 12:48pm on 25 May 2007

Thanks for considering this suggestion. Have you considered adding a mechanism for the user to specify the order of contiguous items? That would let you build a single menu for contiguous items.

Posted by Stephen at 5:51pm on 25 May 2007

I vote for this feature. I'd prefer one menu item. And I think Command-dragging is overkill. One simple string to specify the whole line gets the job done nicely.

Posted by Maurice Volaski at 6:08pm on 19 Jun 2007

I'm very happy with command-dragging. Afterall, that's the standard for well-made menubar icons. Of course, I use the icon-based instead of the string-based menubar interface for MagiCal, and I'm used to Meta-dragging in other OS GUI Shells, so I reckon my preference might differ a bit.

Posted by Paul at 11:27pm on 19 Jun 2007

Just to assuage any fears, I have no intention of removing the command-drag functionality.

Any menu-merging feature I may add will be intended to complement the existing functionality, not replace it.

Posted by Nick at 11:44pm on 19 Jun 2007

I vote for the appearance of one menu item. It's confusing that clicking on the calendar brings up a calendar and clicking on the time also brings up a calendar. Could there be an option where calendar and time can be in one menu item instead of two as it is now? Then, it could turned on or off depending on the user's preference.

Posted by Robert Brimhall at 7:42pm on 21 Jun 2007


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