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Microformat support

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Just saw Subscriber... think it's a great idea, but besides
subscribing to only RSS and ATOM, have you thought about adding
support for subscribing to microformatted content (especially hatom)?

Submitted by Chris at 11:42pm on 17 Mar 2007


Subscriber does recognise the XML content and structure of pages, so in that sense it already supports hatom, and any other microformat or feed if you tell it to look for changes in those parts of the page structure that are relevant.

Presumably you want more explicit support for these formats, such as detecting their presence in a page, and displaying the output in a formatted way, as is done with RSS feeds?

It would be helpful if you could explain more precisely how you envision this working, then perhaps we could look into implementing your request.

Posted by Nick at 5:43pm on 26 Mar 2007


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