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Combine date and time

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Consider redesigning the preference panel to combine the date and time tabs.

Implementation ideas:

To facilitate combining the date and time, the font and color information could be combined in a "style" tab where the user could define "styles" (e.g., Stephen's Style: black, 13 pt, System font, plain). You could include a default style and not allow the user to delete the last style.

Currently, the controls for each icon or text display has at least a color menu which could be replaced by a style menu. To avoid changing the dimensions of the preferences panel, it might help to put the "Separator symbol" on the same line with the "Flash separators" checkbox (dropping the string "Separator symbol").

I realize these suggestions create a naming conflict with the current use of "Style". One resolution would be to call the current icon styles the "Type".

Submitted by Stephen at 8:01pm on 23 May 2007


I agree that the current implementation does seem overburdened with options. I think it unlikely that many people use different fonts for the different menus for example, although some users definitely use a different colour for the date and time.

Your proposed solution isn't perfect, but it does have some nice benefits. I'll certainly consider it, since the increasing bloat of the preferences panel is a concern for me.

Posted by Nick at 12:41pm on 25 May 2007

Thank you. I love that I can create a date/time string that is exactly what I want.

Posted by Stephen at 6:16pm on 25 May 2007


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