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Shades for OS X Yosemite

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Can you update Shades so it works with OS X Yosemite? I am trying to use it on my new Mac running Yosemite and I guess it only works up to Mavericks.

Submitted by Bryan at 06:32am on 22 Oct 2014


Please update Shades for yosemite

Posted at 05:37am on 07 Nov 2014

Please update Shades for Yosemite


Posted at 12:29am on 30 Jan 2015

The newest version of Shades does work with Yosemite, but, it is buggy, and doesn't seem to remember the settings that I choose for it, this makes it hard to use as it decides to work with the plus and minus keys by itself, and it cannot recall that I want to use command keys with it to work the settings. Otherwise it works, it just doesn't save the settings.

Posted by Jeramy at 10:42pm on 31 Jan 2015

Doesn't work on OS 10.10.2: it displays 'Connecting to Shades...' all the time. When stopping, it also hangs up... An update would be very nice.

Posted by Tobias at 4:18pm on 07 Feb 2015

Heeeey Bonjour de Paris !
Voulez vous updatez votre software s'il vous plait ?

Posted at 11:37pm on 09 Feb 2015

It "works" for me on Yosemite, but it flashes "on and off" about every second. Totally unusable.

Posted at 05:48am on 12 Feb 2015

Could you add a light menu bar icon to work with Yosemite's Dark Menu Bar.

It works fine, but I have to click around to find the slider.

Posted by Hanineal at 7:29pm on 16 Feb 2015

Fantastic job. Any possibility of making it play nicely with f.lux? Would be nice to f.lux options/schedule, and still be able to knock down the brightness beyond the native lowest setting. Cheers.

Posted at 09:44am on 19 Feb 2015

I use 10.10.2 is there a chance that you update it for Yosemite ? Many thx. We love your software.

Posted by lks at 3:39pm on 23 Feb 2015

Any way to disable Shades on Yosemite? i don't remembering enabling it after updating to Yosemite OS. All i did was to Start Shades for 1 time only and it failed to run.
Having restart a few times, switched off and on a few times, but Shades still shows up when I switch on my laptop.

Posted at 5:08pm on 23 Feb 2015

Using Shades on Yosemite 10.10.2 with Thunderbolt display. Solves a major problem for Thunderbolt display users when upgrading to Yosemite - not being blinded by the display. Would you please sell this app on the Apple app store, or convince Apple to buy it from you and incorporate it into the next Yosemite upgrade?

Posted by Snowhillguy at 4:59pm on 06 Mar 2015

it generally works with yosemite, but with some bugs, crashes discounting monitors, double menus on menu bar

Posted by Gian enrico Conti at 07:13am on 24 Mar 2015

Loads, starts up, then quickly quits. Please update for 10.10.3 I'll even donate then!

Posted at 4:07pm on 19 Apr 2015

maybe I'm missing something, but on 10.10.3 it seems that shades will go bright after a while, regardless of the slider position. Is there a way to control this behavior? Like a timing control somewhere in the preferences? That would be a good feature to be able to disable ;)

Posted by Peter at 03:27am on 24 Apr 2015

on my 10.10.3 Shades loads on startup sometimes, yes; sometimes, no. When it's no, there's nothing that makes the app start. Also, it accepts none of the hot key settings. The dialog box works fine, but once the settings box is closed all the Shades hot key settings go back to the original, un-set, screen.

Posted by David Adams at 11:35pm on 13 Jun 2015


Posted at 01:24am on 05 Jul 2015

Once I installed Yosemite, Shades failed to run while some applications were running. These were applications that I had before Yosemite, and I did not have any problems with Shades before. Once those applications were closed, Shades displayed a window saying it had closed down because "image was nil." Then I have to restart Shades. Please fix, it is great software. Thank you.

Posted at 05:35am on 07 Jul 2015

Google Chrome disables shades on a Mac Book Pro.

Mac OS X release is 10.10.4

When I open or close chrome looks like that shades reboots itself and then, if chrome is opened shades does not control the screen brightness.

This is happening with this new Mac OS X release and only in the mac book.

Posted by Antonio at 2:00pm on 16 Jul 2015

When opened shades, color configure will be changed.It's so strange.

Posted by Donny at 02:55am on 22 Jul 2015

Shades breaks every time the screen configuration (number of screens) changes.

Posted at 2:41pm on 24 Jul 2015

Please add colour to the Shades menu icon and brightness icon so that these can be visible on the OS X Yosemite's Dark Menu Bar.

Posted at 5:27pm on 10 Aug 2015

Please update for OS X Yosemite !!!
This is an essential software.

Posted at 10:05pm on 06 Sep 2015

I've found that a number of apps don't retain their settings between Mavericks and Yosemite, so I'm guessing that something has changed there. Otherwise Shades and others do continue to work otherwise. Therefore I'm suppose it should be a simple matter of swapping out old app settings code for new?...

Posted by thoran at 05:17am on 29 Sep 2015

Any updates here???

Posted at 10:30pm on 23 Nov 2015

It doesn't work on El Capitan if Flux is turned on. You have to disable it. Otherwise it works. Please update Shades, I love it.

Posted at 4:34pm on 23 Oct 2016

it would be wonderful if you'd put a note on your site -- boldly visible -- that Shades does *NOT* work in macOS Sierra (10.12.3) & should not under any circumstances be installed on that OS. for me, it froze when switching between two desktops (one being fullscreen media), then proceeded to create multiple kernel panics upon more than 3 reboots, all of which were incredibly slow. if you're not going to update your software, then OK... but PLEASE inform your users of that.

Posted by Tim at 12:35am on 17 Mar 2017

Shades is working fine for me WITH flux on Sierra (10.12.4) on a MacBook Pro with 3 external screens - one VGA, one HDMI, one DP (all through USB-C adapters). It does crash sometimes when plugging/unplugging monitors, but the individual sliders work great.

Posted by Digimuzik at 8:55pm on 25 Apr 2017

Shades crashes everytime I unplug an external monitor (i.e. everytime I go to attend a meeting which is about 6 times a day). :-(

Posted at 09:11am on 10 Jan 2018


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