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App steals focus when invoked

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When I view the calendar with MagiCal, it takes focus away from the front-most window. The current application stays active, but the window focus is lost. This makes it hard to just quickly flip through the calendar and then go right back to what I was doing, since I have to re-focus on the window I was just using.

Can MagiCal return focus to the formerly-active window once it gets hidden again? Or, even better, can it be set not to steal focus in the first place?

Submitted at 9:41pm on 28 Mar 2007


Unfortunately I don't think this will be possible. The calendar window is a non-global floating window, which means that it is only visible when MagiCal is the frontmost application. For some reason using a global floating window doesn't work correctly with the Menufela haxie, which caused issues with version 1.0.

Though I appreciate that stealing the focus is slightly irritating, Menufela compatibility has to take higher priority at the moment. If I do find a way around this though I will happily modify MagiCal so that the focus isn't stolen when clicked.

Posted by Nick at 08:11am on 29 Mar 2007

I'll investigate the possibility of restoring focus after the calendar is closed again, I hadn't considered that...

Posted by Nick at 08:11am on 29 Mar 2007


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