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User-chosen language

  • Status: Partially Implemented


How about letting the user choose the language of the calendar? (See FuzzyClock for comparison.)

Submitted by Aaron Solomon Adelman at 7:27pm on 04 May 2007


Currently MagiCal uses the system language if it is supported. Many, but not all languages have already been implemented, however I rely on user-contributed translations when adding new ones.

Posted by Nick at 08:42am on 12 May 2007

I had the same question, if you let the user change the language, you will avoid that users change by themself language in sourse files.

Posted by davor at 10:11am on 12 May 2007

hm yes in germany there are two ways of saying the clock e.g.

it's 9:40 the people in berlin say "zehn nach halb 10" ( ten past half ten )

and in the west they say "20 vor 10" ( 10 before ten )

Posted by david at 12:51pm on 13 May 2007

Yes, it whould be nice if the application has mltiple languages.
I am willing to contribute the Dutch translation. You can contact me at the email adress i entered in this form...

Because a Dutch OSX needs a Dutch MagiCal...

Posted by Werner at 1:23pm on 25 Aug 2007


If You need any help with Polish translate- let me know :-)


Posted at 10:08am on 07 Jan 2014


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