MagiCal Bug Report

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MacOS Sierra - MagiCal fails to launch

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.1r4 (Universal)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.9
  • Status: Open


Under MacOS Sierra the MagIcal executable in /Applications/

Fails to launch.

If you run manually in Terminal MagiCal loads but then quits if you close the Terminal Window.

Submitted by Mark Scrimshire at 8:51pm on 04 Oct 2016


For me, MagiCal has launched successfully on all versions of Mac OS X, including Sierra. The trouble, for me, in Sierra, is that the location in the menu bar is no longer on the right hand side as 'requested', but rather in a random position along the bar.

Posted by Andrew at 05:49am on 10 Oct 2016

My experience is like Andrew but I also noticed that when it is running if I open Dashboard and then come back to my Desktop I am automatically logged out and have to sign in again. With MagiCal not loaded this does not happen

Posted by Mike at 6:09pm on 10 Oct 2016

In Sierra, I've got MagiCal showing up positioned randomly and not stuck to the right like I had before as well.

Posted by Brad at 3:59pm on 11 Oct 2016


It looks like there was not correction / release of MagiCal for quite a while (it was not needed).
Maybe a good opportunity to release it on GitHub...

Wish you a nice day!

Posted by Vincent at 12:22pm on 18 Oct 2016

This report seems to conflate the other reported issue of being able to drag magical on the menubar causing it to fail and some other Sierra-related issues.

If you drag on menubar, it will no longer register clicks and must be killed using Activity Monitor and next time you start will revert to defaults. If you don't touch the icon in the menubar, it seems to work as expected. Would prefer on far right rather than far left, as it defaults.

Also the option to select far left or right in the preferences no longer has any visible effect.

Posted at 01:09am on 05 Jul 2017

Same experience as July 5 post above. Upgraded to Sierra 10.12.6 and "Menu Alignment...Right" no longer works.

Posted by Extski at 3:33pm on 17 Aug 2017


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