Shades Feature Request

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Single shade control for all accounts (admin)

  • Status: Open


Would like to set the shade control under the admin account and let this stay the same in all other accounts. Currently every time your switch accounts the screen gets progressively dimmer.

Submitted at 06:21am on 14 Aug 2008


This is more of a serious bug than a feature request. If you switch between accounts, the screen growers dimmer each time and eventually turns black.

I'm running version 1.2b2 on Mac 24", 3.0gh with Mac OS 10.2.

Posted by Eric Wainwright at 03:17am on 17 Aug 2008

Using Portable Home Folders under OS X 5.5x. Would also like to see one setting for all accounts.

Posted at 6:23pm on 29 May 2009


Posted by Benoit Mercier-Gallay at 12:18am on 10 Nov 2009

I bid adieu to Shades. People have been asking for a multi-user environment fix for over year now without success. As a result, I've switched over to DarkAdapted. It works great and handles multi-user environments with aplomb.

Posted by Eric Wainwright at 03:30am on 18 Nov 2009


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