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Memorize position on 2nd screen of the on-screen dimmer-cursor

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Status: Verified


On a laptop, where you unplug the monitor often, this is almost a bug...:

- If you move the on-screen dimmer-cursor to a given position (e.g. upper-right corner).

- Then you unplug the monitor (go somewhere or stay there),

- Then replug the monitor:

Result is that the on-screen dimmer-cursor will be repositionned at it's default position (center of screen !)

It would be cool that the position on screen (actually not in pixels, but in % of the screen width and height of screen, in case screens have different resolutions) be memorized and restored when an external monitor is plugged in.

Center of screen is great for beginners to find it and learn it can be moved around, but e.g. upper-right corner could be default position, as most mac windows don't have buttons there).

Submitted by Beat at 1:54pm on 13 Dec 2007


Your instinct was right - this is a bug. The slider is supposed to remember its position relative to whatever screen it was placed on.

Posted by Nick at 1:37pm on 14 Dec 2007

Cool. Many Thanks for this absolutely great tool and support. :)

Latest LOL was that Shades 1.2b1 fixes a OSx 10.4.9-11 bug: on wakeup from sleep or monitors-sleep, with multiple screens attached, the CLUT was sometimes not updated on all screens by OsX. Now instead of this bug, it goes without gamma-correcting CLUT like 1 second, and 1 second later, Shades fixes that system-ommission-bug :-)

Keep the great work going, looking forward to 1.2 stable...

Posted by Beat at 1:43pm on 14 Dec 2007


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