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Date/time options not in the list

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This little app is getting REALLY 'magical". Could I suggest a DD:MM:YY option without the A.M./P.M. option would be a help. Most folk do know if its day or night - lol. Thanks for a great app

Submitted by Desmond Foulger at 7:41pm on 21 Apr 2007


You are not restricted to using the formats in the list. You can type whatever format string you like into the date/time format drop-downs. Just use the examples in the list as a guide, then mix and match the elements in those to create your desired format. If you can't work out how to get the format you want, contact us and we'll help you.

(From the FAQ -


I 'd like to be able to use the time format 24:MM:SS

Posted at 8:49pm on 27 Mar 2007

Hi Klug,

You can use any format you like, just type it directly into the drop-down field.

Posted by Nick at 8:59pm on 27 Mar 2007

Would it be possible to make it so that in the format "Day 24:MM", the leading zero is not displayed before 10 AM (i.e. 6:30 instead of 06:30)

Posted at 10:26am on 28 Mar 2007

This should already be possible, just use "2" in the format instead of "24".

Note to self: Really need to get around to writing documentation...

Posted by Nick at 12:55pm on 28 Mar 2007

You can type custom formats into the drop down, so just manually delete the A.M. yourself. The list is intended as a set of examples on which you can base your own formats, rather than a definitive list of all possibilities.

Posted by Nick at 08:01am on 29 Apr 2007

I don't like 03:54, I like 3:54.

Posted by Emil at 10:54pm on 04 May 2007

You can type your own formats into the drop-down box, you aren't restricted to the ones in the list.

Posted by Nick at 07:56am on 05 May 2007

It would be great if we could have a little more control over the way the date is formatted. Under the time options, you can choose what you'd like the separator to be, and I'd like to be able to do that for the date also. Also, if you could choose how you'd like the weekday formatted (Th, Thu, Thur, Thursday, etc.) separately from the other date formatting, I'd love the flexibility.
Really what I want is to be able to format the date like "Thu 24/5/07" but right now the closest I can get is "Th 25.05.07"

Posted by Eric Montgomery at 06:28am on 24 May 2007

The date and time formats are completely freeform. You can type whatever format you want into the drop-down field - the formats already in the list are just there to give you an idea of what's possible.

The format you'll want to use is "Day DD/M/YY"

(The only reason the time field lets you specify the separator is for the "flash separators" option (so it knows which symbol to flash). Since the date doesn't have a flash separators option, you can just type in whatever character you want.)

Posted by Nick at 9:42pm on 24 May 2007

A NICE option for the date is

Weekday DD MON YY

which, for today, gives

Tuesday 12 Jun 07

Could you implement a format in which the day of the week is a 3-letter abbreviation, so the date would show as

Tue 12 Jun 07

Many of us a short of space in the bar!


Posted by Stephen M Smith at 01:41am on 13 Jun 2007

The format you need to use is "Day DD Mon YY", just type it in to the date dropdown field.

Posted by Nick at 07:36am on 13 Jun 2007

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