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Single control for multiple monitors

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I like the new feature of being able to control multiple monitors independently, but honestly I don't need that most of the time. I would like to be able to just set the relative brightnesses or just have one slider that controls both. I actually have two very similar model monitors and _having_ to set them independently is a bit of a downgrade. I think a simple feature would be to have a checkbox to just tie the two sliders together or 'just use one slider control'.

(note the list of versions in the dropdown for feature requests is out of order)

Submitted by earth at 05:18am on 08 Dec 2007


If you hold down the Option (Alt) key when dragging the slider, it will adjust all displays simultaneously.

Posted by Nick at 2:15pm on 08 Dec 2007

Thanks, sorry for reporting that as a feature request.

Perhaps the feature request, then, is indicate that in the UI nicely. I suppose it could go on the 'hot keys' settings page, it could be one of the controls where the key could be modified... Or add another tab to the settings UI that would have some additional info that could include things like that?

Posted by earth at 5:21pm on 08 Dec 2007

I agree. I would like a checkbox under menu control and slider control for each monitor tab that said something like \"Conrol with Second Monitor Controls\" so that one doesn\'t need to hold option to change them together. It doesn\'t make sense to hold a key while using your mouse to change the brightness from the menu bar. You might as well just use the hot keys to change it, which does always change both.

Posted at 1:40pm on 17 Dec 2007

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