MagiCal Bug Report

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Keeps wanting to check for updates on launch

  • Type: Other
  • Version Tested: 1.1r4 (Universal)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.5 PPC
  • Status: Not Reproducible


Even though I have "Never" selected for the Check for Updates option in preferences, MagiCal wants to connect you via Digital River, each time it launches. What is up with this? I use Little Snitch to monitor connection requests, so that is how I know about this. Changing the Updates setting to something else and then back to "Never" does not stop this behavior.

Submitted by Michael Sakarias at 4:07pm on 13 Oct 2010


Charcoal Design has no affiliation with Digital River and there are no references to them or their website in the MagiCal application. MagiCal update checks should only be contacting

Either Little Snitch is in error about the source of the communications, or your copy of MagiCal has somehow been infected by a trojan.

If you acquired MagiCal from a 3rd party source, I suggest deleting it and re-installing a fresh copy from this site. If not then you may want to run a virus scan.

Posted by Nick at 4:15pm on 13 Oct 2010


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